100 Homes: Concert Connections

Sakamoto Agency is providing the residents of 100 Care Homes across the country with virtual concerts!

As a volunteer initiative by Sakamoto Agency, our goal is simply to deliver some joy and light to residents of long-term care facilities who have been so negatively impacted by COVID-19.

With the support of Sakamoto Agency’s award-winning roster of artists, and other emerging and established Canadian artists, Concert Connections will bring together and entertain those who are currently unable to enjoy family visits or larger gatherings within their community. For the artists, it’s an opportunity to play for an audience, to give back to their communities, and hone their craft.

**To date, Sakamoto Agency has provided over 30 concerts from artists on our incredibly talented roster, and they have been so well received that the care homes are requesting more! In that case, we’d like to open it up to any artists who are interested in providing a little joy to the residents (and staff!) of care homes. Artists are asked to submit a concert in the form of a downloadable file, as many care homes do not have Wi-Fi to broadcast live or online content. Artists will also be asked to provide short introduction videos for each of the care homes in which their concert will be shown, to give a personal touch to each concert. 


~ The Artist will record an introduction video specifically for your care home, tailored to your specifications or as a generic greeting, which will be provided along with the concert file, and can be played for care home residents prior to the concert.

~ A pre-recorded, professional sounding concert is provided for care homes to broadcast for residents at their preferred time, individually or in groups

Sakamoto Agency provides:

~ Available Artists to perform
~ Pre-recorded files you can play at your convenience for residents;
~ Personalized introduction video file from each artist whose concert you will broadcast
~ Artist information/photos and press release template

Care Home provides:

~ Screens, tablets, TV’s etc. for residents
~ Scheduling and distribution of the concert at care home’s discretion
~ Outreach to local media to share positive benefits
~ A safe, fun environment to enjoy a concert!

DONATIONS: Sakamoto Agency will accept donations to be distributed to the artist for each performance or direct the care home on how to make donations directly to the artist.

Contact [email protected] for more information or to book a show!

Contact Joelle May at [email protected] for media requests, interviews or more information. 


The idea to give back to the elders and infirmed of our communities came from the hardships faced with the shut down of the entire live music industry due to global pandemic. Artists and care home residents have a bit more in common these days – neither can enjoy the same freedoms they used to, so why not come together? Not only is live music important in bringing people together in enjoyment, but it’s also proven to be therapeutic in many situations, for both the listener and the performer.

Feeling the hit from shutdown and seeing the same story in many other walks of life, though grateful for the support systems in place, Sakamoto Agency’s Operating Partner Paul Biro resolved to give back as much as he received through this difficult time, with the roster also ready and willing to do supportive performances at a moment’s notice. Enter Kay Guest, Recreation Coordinator at Meadow Ridge Seniors Village in Medicine Hat, AB who got in touch with Sakamoto Agency looking to organize some entertainment for her residents. Seeing the potential good that could be done for care home residents and seniors across the nation, the decision was made and the 100 Homes initiative was born, to reach out far and wide to offer up virtual concerts to facilities everywhere.


**Please note, concerts are provided free of charge as entertainment for care home residents, and it is expected that these recordings will not be shared or utilized outside of the purpose for which they are provided.**