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Kalsey Kulyk has enjoyed a lifelong passion for music, and audiences and critics also hear something special. Mixing effortlessly rich and bright vocals, with lyrics you feel in the guts, makes her sound both fresh and familiar, and perfectly honed for country music. Her debut self-titled album, which delivered impeccable songwriting, classic upbeat country, and heartfelt ballads; premiered at #2 in Canada on iTunes/Apple Music and was nominated for the CCMA's Roots Album of the Year in 2019. Kalsey followed that up as one of 8 artists selected for SirusXM and the CCMA's Top Of The Country program in 2020 through 2021. Her most recent release in 2021, "Better Off" can be heard on streaming platforms everywhere. Raised in Hudson Bay, SK, Kalsey Kulyk got hooked on singing and playing the guitar at a young age. She took part in hundreds of talent shows and competitions, winning her first songwriting competition at age 13. Everything changed in high school when Kalsey fell ill with cancer, though her journey to recovery created songwriting inspiration, and the entire experience solidified Kulyk’s belief in a career in music. With her mind made up, Kalsey’s musical career sped up from there, with the help of Fleetwood Mac producer Richard Dashut, a relocation to Music City, and winning both the Canadian Country Music Association’s Discovery Artist program, and Anthem Entertainment’s (formerly ole) “On the Spot” competition in one day in 2017. Kalsey returned to Nashville with publishing and record deals, and wrote songs with Liz Rose and Phil Barton. Now with an arsenal of songs and a survivor’s determination, Kalsey Kulyk is sharing her passions with the world. In remission for over 10 years, she says “What is life unless you’re doing what you love every single day?” HIGHLIGHTS: ~ Produced by Fleetwood Mac's Richard Dashut ~ Kalsey’s self-titled album has received over 1 Million streams ~ Self-titled Album debuted at #2 album in Canada on iTunes/Apple Music ~ Over 63,000 followers across social media platforms ~ "Damn You Love" video reached over 113,000 views on YouTube in 1 month and hit #8 on CMT for music videos in December 2019 ~ "Bad Liar" video presented on syndicated networks across the USA (CMT, Heartland, The Country Network, Music Mix USA, CMC Country) ~ Placements with RX Music for videos and singles broadcast at over 200 retail locations in North America ~ Winner of ole/Anthem "On The Spot" and CCMA Discovery Program on same day in 2017
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