The Heels

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Encouragement and inspiration. Positivity and prowess. Fun and flare. None are in short supply when it comes to high-energy country trio The Heels – and yeah, the music is damn good, too. The creative union of Bobbi Smith, Brittni Dominelli, and Kyla Rawlins was born of a desire to heal through music, and now they’re carrying that mission forward and sharing it with an ever-growing fanbase. Inspired by the chart-topping female and female-fronted country acts that blazed trails before them, The Heels wasted little time composing a catalogue of accessible, relatable, arena-ready country anthems. Their messages of optimism and empowerment are set to a sweet country soundtrack full of monster hooks and magnetic multi-part harmonies on their heralded debut LP, 2018’s Love, Heels. Upon its release in May 2018, they toured the country as radio and media darlings, took to major festival stages like the Calgary Stampede and Sunfest Country Music Festival in Cowichan Valley, BC, and racked up hundreds of thousands of streams across the major platforms. And just a little over a year after dropping their first single, they’d amassed an impressive six nominations for the 2018 BC Country Music Awards in the fall of 2018. And as the ladies tell it, they’re just getting started. From the stage, The Heels deliver a whirlwind of an unforgettable live music experience. Their hard-hitting, high-impact performances have earned them hordes of fans from coast to coast. The three members of The Heels have grown significantly as artists and as people in their short time together, and knowing first-hand how great music and an empowering message can generate positivity and prosperity, they’re compelled to share both with every single person they encounter on their ongoing journey.
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