Sakamoto Agency Presents Suburban Serenades!

Sakamoto Agency is pleased to bring you “Suburban Serenades”!

It’s been a long few months without live music in our lives, and even longer before we can enjoy a sold-out concert or festival, so Sakamoto Agency is bringing selected artists from our roster straight to you, the fans, this summer! Get in touch with us today for all the information.

Kicking off in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia with BC Country Music Association Songwriter of the Year Chris Buck, country music lovers can book “Buck in a Truck” to come to your neighbourhood, cul-de-sac, back yard, driveway, or curb side, and present a concert in a safe, physically distanced, outdoor environment. Bring the neighbours, family, and friends together (at a safe distance) and re-capture the irreplaceable experience of live music, straight from the heart and in the comfort of your own space.

Showing up with all the gear necessary to perform, Chris Buck (with accompaniment) brings the party to you with a full set of original music and the odd cover song, including such hits as “Giddy Up”, “Sip a Little Summertime”, “Good Ol Days” and his latest, “A Little More Time”.

*Artist and Attendees must follow BC’s rules on COVID-19-safe practices, including physically distancing from both the artist and other attendees, wearing masks/face coverings when physically distancing is not possible, and performing in outdoor spaces rather than indoor to reduce potential viral spread. Capacity is currently limited to 50 persons as per BC’s COVID-19 Response Plan.

*Performance space must be hosted legally by either landowners or occupants with permission from other affected parties potentially affected (ie: be a good neighbour). Suburban Serenades will adhere to all local noise bylaws and parking bylaws.

*For information on performance fees, details and availability, please address an email to Paul Biro at [email protected].

*Suburban Serenades requires a simple contract to arrange a performance and the artist reserves the right to cancel or cease performance if proper health and safety protocols are not adhered to at any time leading up to and during the performance.