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The Abrams (formerly The Abrams Brothers) are a Canadian band composed of fourth-generation musicians John Abrams and James Abrams. Their music is a combination of bluegrass, country, and folk-rock with story-telling lyrics that has been called "newgrass." They have performed with acts such as John Hammond, Feist, and Dean Brody.

The Abrams have been performing together since John was 11 and James was 9. In 2005, the group was named Emerging Artist of the Year at the Canadian Bluegrass Music Awards. In 2006, they received the Daniel Pearl Memorial Violin. The Abrams Brothers at age 12 and 15, were the youngest Canadian duo to play the esteemed GraOpry Stage in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Abrams released a Bob Dylan and Arlo Guthrie tribute album entitled Blue On Brown in 2009. Arlo Guthrie responded to the record by saying the band was "way too young to be playing that good. I know I will be hearing from The Abrams Brothers for a long time to come."

The band released their first album of original material Northern Redemption in 2011 on Fontana North/United For Opportunity. The album was produced by Canadian singer-songwriter/producer Chris Brown formerly of The Bourbon Tabernacle Choir, whose credits include The Barenaked Ladies, Ani DiFranco, and Tony Scherr. According to Much Music, “Bluegrass is the backdrop of this group but they fit somewhere nicely in between the country and non country worlds."

The Abrams have been involved in many community service projects in their hometown of Kingston, Ontario, including the Robinson Community Garden, which supplies the local Salvation Army, Boys and Girls Club, and Martha's Table. In spring 2012 they launched the Musicville Ontario initiative, in which they donated $1000 to a local music education charity.

The Abrams are releasing their newest EP on May 20, 2016, via Warner Music Canada. The EP was produced by Gavin Brown at Noble Street Studios in Toronto, Ontario. The first single from the album, "Fine" was released April in Canada.

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